Tree Removal in Wasilla

Trees are crucial in the ecosystem because they offer clean air, support wildlife, reduce climate change, and beautify spaces. Their greenery and freshness serve as a stress buster for many people. Trees can sometimes be a nuisance and threaten people and property. Tree removal is an excellent way to eliminate diseased, old, and damaged trees. Below is an easy guide to tree removal from Yard Care.

  • Why Is Tree Removal Important?

    Tree removal has numerous benefits.

    • Get Extra Space – Tree removal frees up space for additions to a property. For instance, you can remove trees in your home to make space for a basketball court, swimming pool, or patio.
    • Improve Curb Appeal – Getting rid of an old tree can enhance the appearance of a property. Alternatively, the tree can be lopped, so it blends with the surroundings.
    • Protect Structures – Overgrown tree roots can weaken your property’s foundation and damage the driveway and sidewalk.
  • Why Use Professional Tree Removal Services?

    • Expertise – Tree removal should never be a DIY project. It is best practice to let professionals handle the task since they have the required training, equipment, and experience to handle the job. They assess your property to identify trees that should be lopped, pruned, and removed.
    • Protect Other Trees – Removing a diseased tree is crucial to protecting other trees from damage.
    • Efficiency – A tree removal professional gets the job done efficiently to minimize downtime for businesses. They also handle root and stump removal to prevent future issues.
    • Improve Safety – Old and damaged trees pose safety concerns, increasing liability for a property owner. For instance, an old tree can fall on a neighbor’s fence, reaping it apart. Also, during a storm, weak trees can damage your roof, compromising occupants’ safety.
  • Safety

    Some trees weigh hundreds or even thousands of tons, making removal a dangerous endeavor. With numerous tree removal methods, professionals choose the safest one depending on the location, weight, and available equipment. Also, professionals have comprehensive insurance if damage occurs when falling a tree.

    Professional tree removal can boost your property’s value and curbside appeal, improve safety, and protect other trees. Contact us at Yard and Tree Care for tree removal services in Wasilla, AK. Since 2002, we have been offering tree removal services as well as law care and maintenance for businesses and homes. We handle minor and big projects to keep your property in pristine condition.

    • Caution – Professionals employ custom care when removing trees. Tree clearing in commercial places differs from residential areas since you must consider pedestrians and traffic in the former. Also, you may need special permits and municipal permission when removing trees in specific locations.

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